5 Exquisite Wines On A College Budget

Top 5 kinds of wine a college student can easily afford
Even though in college you need to spend all your time (and sometimes money) to improve your grades and deliver projects on time, you still need to relax. While delegating your assignments to someone else (for example, professional writing services like 99papers or another one observed in grademiners review), you can go to a party or stay home and watch a movie with a glass of wine. The last option seems pretty tempting if not taking into account that you are a student on a budget and need to save money, while wine costs a lot. Calm down and relax: we have some cheap wine recommendations for your cozy evening that will not make you sell your kidney.

Top recommendations on choosing cheap wine

If you have already spent all your money on ordering essays and research papers (although you can always find cheap services observed in a killer papers review or recommendations given in an edubirdie review), you can still enjoy some good wine that doesn`t cost too much. We picked some good options for you to consider in the local supermarket:
1. Chardonnay
The bottle of this white one can cost around $6, and it has a light flavor with the notes of Chili that will not disappoint you. It also comes in a beautiful sleek corked bottle that can become a good present;
2. Pinot Noir
This bottle will cost you a little less (around $5), and it is considered the silkiest of all wines. Its taste is refreshing, the aftertaste is bitter, and that is exactly what you need after a long day in college;
3. Red Wine
This one will cost you almost $11, but it's totally worth some extra bucks. It has a consistent taste that makes it perfect to have with a meal. With just 110 calories you can enjoy the wine without worrying about gaining weight;
4. Sangria
It comes from Spain and costs $6 a bottle. The fruity taste gives you a refreshing cocktail of mango and citrus so you can have your own fiesta in the dorm room. This wine can be perfectly complemented with some cheese;
5. Strawberry Hill
This is the cheapest one, just $4 a bottle, but it doesn't make it the worst. As it comes from the name, you will have a splash of sweet strawberry that can be combined with tangy and sharp cheese.
While you are choosing the one for today's dinner, here are some suggestions not to be disappointed:
- The wine doesn't always taste as the bottle says (can you imagine a red velvet cupcake?);
- Pairings are just recommendations, not rules. You can combine it with anything to your taste;
- By reusable plastic wine glasses to always have at hand;
- The boxed wine is also good;
- Learn the wine vocabulary (knowing the color and blend can be useful before you buy);
- Buy a wine opener and understand how to use it (although your keys work fine too);
- Keep track of how much you have already drunk (if you are drinking in a company);
- Eating a dessert with sugar will remove the alcohol impact;
- A bottle of wine is a perfect gift (even if it's cheap).
Even being on a tight budget, you can still offer some good wine to have a nice evening indoors.

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